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Lynx Simulations is a consulting firm specialized in numerical simulation applied to the different engineering domains. We provide technical consulting for businesses in industrial sector: manufacturing, chemical, energy, water treatment, etc. Relying on our technical expertise, we make use advanced methods and complex numerical simulations to provide breakthrough solutions to your demands.

Our main fields of action are:

  • Aerodynamic analysis
  • Water treatment
  • Hydraulic design
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Cooling)
  • Turbomachinery
  • Thermal engines
  • Chemical reactors & processes
  • Renewable energy
  • Heat transfer
  • Air & Water Pollution dispersion
  • Mechanical engineering

Numerical simulation

The exponential growth of computational power in the last years and the possibilities of numerical simulation have radically transformed engineering improving the design process, allowing for optimization that improves quality of the final product or service while reducing cost dramatically. Despite this, there are many business that have not adopted this powerful tool. The high pace evolution of this technology and the complex mathematical background needed to deploy it makes it difficult for SMEs to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Software development

Besides numerical simulations, Lynx Simulations develops simulation software adapted to the needs of each of our clients for processing, post processing, artificial vision, integration with SCADA, etc.

Lynx Simulations gives you the opportunity to access the latest technical expertise. Just ask how we can help you!

Screenshot of the software Lynx CFD-UV developed by Lynx Simulations

Our team


Lynx Simulations is formed by highly qualified professionals in the field of numerical simulations. Our consultants are PhD engineers specialised in fluid dynamics and computational programming applied to the industry.

Our Servers

In order engage the most demanding computational tasks, we make use of our own HPC (High Performance Computing) workstations to carry on numerical simulation. We have the capacity to launch several cases working in parallel at high velocities, with large, dense grids.

Our projects

Water treatment
Industrial processes
Structural analysis of a wind-turbine-blade
Fluid-dynamic study of a membrane bioreactor (MBR)
Water treatment
Analysis of a hydraulic valve using CFD
Industrial processes
CFD simulation of a UV channel performance
Water treatment
Study of the pressure losses and flow rate distribution in the rack of a desalination plant
Water treatment
Fluid dynamic simulation of a biological reactor of an WWTP
Water treatment
Aerodynamic analysis of a wind-turbine-blade
Implementation of the ASM1 model in a CFD simulation
Water treatment


Simulation software developed by Lynx Simulations. You can download them totally free.

LYNX ASM1. Process simulation for secondary treatment of a WWTP

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