CFD Simulation is a powerful tool useful for analyzing processes. Lynx Simulations make use of CFD tools while offering consulting services in order to optimize industrial processes and eliminate inefficiencies. We provide technical expertise in different sectors: water treatment, air conditioning, aerodynamics, spreading of pollutants.

At Lynx Simulations, CFD modelling is combined with diverse measurements and experimental test, for instance, reconstruction of trayectories and tracer experiments, which prove highly valuable for calibration and validation of numerical models.

Artificial vision and AI, allow us to implement solutions which improve efficiency of industrial processes. Lynx Simulations develops customized applications that meets our client needs:

  • Colorimetry analysis, texture and key patrons: detection of spills, scum assesment, analysis of ventilation systems
  • Photogrammetry and optical fluxes, determination of positions and trayectories, building up velocity fields, analysis of structural paremeters (eigenmodes and dampening)
  • Detection and classification with IA based on features and shapes of objects.

Artificial Vision
Artificial Intelligence


Lynx Simulations develops software fully customized for each client:

  • Design and analysis of processes. Biological simulation in WWTP, piezometric surface, industrial processes, structures dimensioning and optimization, wind loads, etc.
  • CFD simulation. Programs that allow to calculate and postprocess results.
  • Integration of simulation models with other systems, for instance, a Digital Twin or a SCADA.
  • Automation and optimization by means of simulation models and Artificial Intelligence.

About us


Our path begins during our academical investigations, inspired by a huge ambition, talent and willingness to undertake challenges. The thesis we developed in hydraulics, aerodynamics and CFD combustion modelling, helped us building a place for ourselves in sectors such as water treatment, aeroeslaticity and renewable energies. Driven by a strong desire to provide the industry with our knowledge, we founded Lynx Simulations in 2016.

Our mission is to add value to the industry, improving performance of the processes beyond the threshold we were allowed by conventional tools.



We have gathered an extensive experience with the use of CFD tools applied to WWTP, thanks to the development of diverse projects related to water treatment processes, that we succesfully achived for renowned companies of the sector. Other relevant experience has been gained through the years in photovoltaic field, at the same time we provide alternative methods to wind tunnel test.

R+D+i represents a key component in our firm, the living proof of that are some of our research papers in international journals, such as Water Research. There stands out a ground-breaking publication on CFD-ASM integration, and hydraulic characterization of biological reactors by means of trace experiments.

Other scientific works include: modelling of hydrogen combustion, applications in nuclear safety and, applications in military defense: external ballistics and internal ballistics.



In our everyday life we become innovators in technologies and methodologies. We highlight our own software Lynx-ASM which has gain great popularity on an international scale. In the field of Artificial Vision, we have created a device capable of detecting spills.

On the other hand, we feel proud of our collaboration with BeMyVega in the development of technologies which ease accessibility problems of people with visual and hearing disabilities.

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