Software Lynx Simulations

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LYNX Simulations makes use of OpenFOAM to simulate real world fluid mechanic problems. This software is, in his essence, a code to resolve the partial differential equations associated to CFD.

* OpenFOAM® is a ESI Group branch.

We also have our own libraries for the FEM mechanical simulation, as well as the use of software CALCULIX and CODE_ASTER. For the realization of simulations FSI we rely on its own software that allows communication and direct interaction between the CFD-FEM methods.

Among the tools of post-processing and analysis of results, we have software developed on the VTK visualization library, for visualization and rendering of 3D results quickly and efficiently. In addition, this allows us to integrate all the power of visualization and post-processing of this library in software adapted to the requirements of each client for its use in a simple and intuitive way.

Lynx Simulations uses and develops software based on the OpenCV computer vision library for the analysis and digital processing of images. This allows us to design tools and add artificial vision capabilities to our software, which is very useful, for example, in the analysis of experimental results or tests, experimental validations, etc.

With the power offered by each of these software packages, as well as the ability of Lynx Simulations to integrate in a single tool the different components of these libraries that are needed in a given application, allows to develop applications adapted to the most demanding needs for that the engineering calculations are carried out more and more quickly and easily.