What can Lynx Simulations do for you?

Designed for you

Your work involves heat transfer or combustion but you are not sure if you are spending too much energy and you'd like to optimize?

You've got cavitation issues, failures or excessive losses?

You don't know the working regime that gives you the best efficiency?

You have pollutant dispersion or are planning to improve the aerodynamic of your product?

Are you thinking on a conceptual design that improves your process?

Would you like to invest in R&D but think the cost doesn't justify the results?

Lynx Simulations gives you the opportunity to access numerical simulations, one of the most advanced and powerful tools in engineering.

Lynx Simulations is focused on R&D applied to your needs:

Lynx Simulations simulates industrial plants, WWTP, chemical reactors, heat transfer processes, combustion, turbomachinery, material sciences, aerodynamic studies, etc. allowing us to analyze the physical effects that take place inside and fully understand the phenomena.

From the wide array of possibilities that Lynx Simulations has to offer we can underline the following:

Do you need a tailored software for your business?

Lynx Simulations develops software for simulation and processes adapted to your needs.

We have experience developing software for:

All of it made to cover your needs in regards of processes and installations to obtain results in a fast and easy way. Do you need to simulate a determined function with specific working conditions? Do you need to understand the output given by the measurement process? Let us help you improve your business!